Welcome at Okay computer

Computer maintenance at home at rock-bottom prices. Consult them and compare, you won't find cheaper elsewhere !

Bored of unplug all your cable from your computer and bring it to the computer shop when you have a problem ?

Do not hesitate, call us ! we come to your house repair your computer, no more cable to unplug or computer to move.

you lack of availability ? We intervene everyday !

Our domain of competence ? Either for an hardware problem (diagnose + replace hardware), or a software problem (cleaning viruses / spywares ) (complete system reinstallation) or a internet conection problem (Livebox, Neufbox, Alicebox, Club-Internet box, Freebox, AOLbox, Dartybox or even standard modem conection) we are here to get you out of trouble.

We also give lessons and create websites

Please consult our services for more details